Desert Detail

I was walking around the desert and saw this design with windblown plants in the late afternoon sun. The dunes are part of the Mojave Desert in Baker, California. I used a borrowed Leica M4-P and Agfa 25 black and white film.

Last hours of Autumn

Happy Winter Solstice! This morning around 3:30 am after a bed turn, I glanced out the kitchen window and saw the moon amongst some clouds. I rushed to get my camera and lens. The moon was dancing back and forth through the clouds and I shot several photos hoping for something interesting. I used my Canon 5D Mark IV at 32000 ISO and my 70-200 ƒ/2.8L II lens at 200mm @ 1/100 second with Image Stabilization on. I uploaded the images into Capture One Pro 12 and after tweaking it, I prepped the image in Photoshop CC 2019.

Yosemite National Park: Vernal Fall

The hike up the trail to Vernal Fall is quite amazing, and it will take you longer as you stop to take photos along the way. This is a photo of the base of the fall with Kodak HIE infrared film loaded in my Leica M6 with an 87C filter attached.

Lighthouse in Sequim, Washington

A short photo story on the trek to the Dungeness Lighthouse in Sequim, Washington. The time of year was late Fall, and the air was crisp. The walk to the lighthouse is six to eight miles along the Dungeness Spit. Water surrounds the spit with the ocean on the north and a bay on the south. I used my Canon EOS1-N camera with Agfa 100 black and white film. A Leica M6 with Fuji Velvia.