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I will take a moment to talk about the lighting in the Pottery Barn Blog photo post that published today. I packed a couple of Profoto B1 battery flash units and my newly acquired Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Full Frame Digital SLR Camera Body. A 90mm tilt-shift lens. When arriving at Happy Happy Nester’s ( Janine’s blog here) home for the shoot, I started to determine where to set up the camera on a tripod. After establishing the spot for the camera, I needed to pick where to set up the main light. Since I was going to use the ambient light for an accent, I set up the main light to the right of the camera. I metered the main light and also the secondary ambient lights and enter the data into the camera. The Main light sported a Plume Wafer softbox 100. The ambient light was set three stops less than the main light and provided the warm color in the photograph. I shot the photo at 100 ISO 1/20 @ ƒ/4.5 and in the Raw and jpeg file mode. Btw…the cake is incredible! Click on this for Pottery Barn Blog for the post and recipe!



The next photo was the appetizer. I added a second Profoto B1 light with a grid to create a stronger shadow to the right that was next to the main light with a softbox. A French style tablecloth also was added. BTW…I use Capture One Pro 9 software that allows me to tether my laptop to my camera while shooting. The TetherTools USB 3.0 cable plus TetherBoost Pro are the connection cables used. This workflow is very helpful and allows me to check focus, exposure, and composition on a 15″ screen! Click this for Pottery Barn Blog for the post and recipe!


I took this lifestyle photo in the kitchen. I mixed a Profoto B1 with Beauty Dish to the right of the camera. I mixed that with the available light both inside and outside and then balanced the color temperature in Capture One Pro 9. I used the Canon 5D Mark IV and a 90mm tilt-shift lens.

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