Oceano Dunes is a special place.


Oceano Dunes bring back some fond memories, and some of my favorite photos. I have visited a couple of times, and each visit I find new vistas and details. The first photo is a Vista looking from the dunes to the Pacific Ocean in the late afternoon. I like the long stretches of dunes with the shadows as well as the atmospheric haze of the ocean in the horizon. All photos in this post are with a Leica M6 and Agfa 400 film and a Yellow filter for added contrast. The dunes allow you to photograph both details and long shots which are rewarding.


Chiaroscuro light used in this photo creates a precarious balance of the dunes.


The detail of the partially filled bottle on the sand creates drama as the side light rakes across the sand and illuminates the bottle. I like the shape of what looks like a bottle stand that creates to me a magic lantern.


Kelp is everywhere. I framed these kelp pods in a harmonious way as the side lighting brushes them in the late afternoon light.

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