Christmas Cookie Tree

A good day to you! I thought it might be kind of fun to mix it up and show photos I collaborated on with my sister at Lately, the weather has included clouds and rain, which makes photographing with window light more of a challenge.

My sister asked me to help to shoot her project, so I agreed. I have several Profoto B1 lights plus light modifiers. Plus, I added my Canon 5D Mark IV with 70-200mm ƒ/2.8 L II. She baked the Christmas cookie tree and styled it. Meantime we agreed on a spot to shoot in her kitchen, which allowed plenty of room to place a miniature tree with twinkle lights in the background to create bokeh. I set the camera up on my Gitzo tripod with an Arca-Swiss B-1 ball head. I connected the camera using a TetherTools USB cable to my MacBook Pro.

I taped the lines down to the floor to avoid tripping on the cord. I placed the TTL-Canon module on the camera and synced up the laptop to the camera using Capture One Pro 12. I then set up two lights in the background on “Channel B.” One with a zoom light modifier and barn doors and the other also on “Channel B” with a Magnum light modifier. The key light was to the right of the camera with an OCF 1×3 lightbox modifier with a fabric grid attached on “Channel A.”

The ISO was 1600 @ 1/100 @ƒ/2.8 to allow mixture with the twinkle lights. The TTL-C module placed “Channel A” plus one-stop, and “Channel B” at 0 stops.
I took a test image, and it was pretty close. With Capture One Pro 12 you can edit the image to your liking and then place the TTL-C module into Manual and set the rest of the photos “Copy from Last,” and your changes will apply to each image.

We shot several images with variations and then went in “Adjustments” in Capture One Pro 12 and selected SN-14, which are the free samples. I applied the color style to all the finals and then exported them to the desktop. I then sized them in Photoshop 2020 and saved them as .jpgs. At that point, they were ready to go onto the blog. I hope you like them.

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