Cameras and Games


Kodak Box Brownie still life with an old pocket watch. Hasselblad 500CM and 150mm Sonnar. Lighting provided by the sun.


A still life of my Grandpa’s handmade tools to make Ivory Shogi chess pieces along with his Elgin pocket watch. He played the game in his leisure time in Winslow, Arizona. I used Google’s Nik Collection Silver Efex Pro 2 Photoshop plug-in on this image. Canon 5D Mark IV with 90mm tilt-shift lens. Profoto B1 used with a snoot.


Creating window light with artificial light on chess still life. Canon EOS 1-N and Agfa 1000 slide film. LTM Pepper lights and various light modifiers including antique rippled glass and tracing paper scrims.

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