Sky Room at the Breaker in Long Beach, CA.

Revisiting an past assignment…Photographing the Sky Room at the Breakers in Long Beach, CA. I photographed using a 4×5 Toyo view camera a 75mm Fujinon ƒ/5.6 wide angle lens and a couple of tungsten lights provided by my flash unit model lights. The exposure was on Kodak 64T film and I recall 4 minutes at ƒ/32 for the main exposure and 5 seconds for the neon exposure. I used walkie talkies, so the assistant could cut the neon after 5 seconds.


Southwest Style.


This interior space was designed with a Southwestern influence. The home included a adobe type fireplace and built-in cabinets. I used a 4×5 Sinar View Camera with a 65mm ƒ/5.6 lens and special ND filter. I used a few color corrected spot lights with fresnel lens for accent lighting.